Lee @ Lee Live @ Lost Boy

Lee Live @ Lost Boy, Miami, FL

Lee returns to Lost Boy in Downtown Miami on December 21st!

Featuring Asahani Dawkins- Piano
Sergio Zavala - Guitar
Charlemagne Sands - Bass
Alfonso Velasco - Drums
Ignacio Nunez - Percussion

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Lee's always been one of the most compelling artists in the neo soul underground – from his early work in The Square Egg, to the handful of solo albums he's given us over the years – and although it's been a while since we heard from him last, the singer seems to have honed his craft even more, to a point where the strength of his music might be more than enough to finally give him a bit of mainstream exposure! The set's a double-length album – and Lee uses all that extra space to move into modes that move between acoustic and electric soul, with some jazzier stops along the way – and a surprising array of catchy tunes delivered with a real depth of style. Titles include "Mr. Smith", "Long Way To Go", "Feel Thangs", "Room 101", "It Ain't Fair", "Harrison Bergeron", "Calle 7", "Good Times", "I Love The Rain", and "Rich Man's War, Poor Man's Fight".”

Dusty Groove

With Maybe Now being Lee’s first new project in five years, I caught up with him to find out more about the album, as well as how the years he spent in Buenos Aires continue to impact his music, and how disconnecting from social media led him to connect with so much more.” - Adam Bernard

Adam's World

Who is Lee? Der Name ist Programm. Zumindest wenn’s nach der Homepage geht, die der Mann, der der Lee ist, für sich erstellt hat. Natürlich wissen die ganz aufmerksamen Musik-Konsumenten ganz genau, dass der Lee anno 1999 in Miami eine Formation namens The Square Egg an den Start gebracht hat – und damit schon die Basis für sein aktuelles Angebot legte. Irgendwas mit Soul, Jazz, HipHop und den anderen wichtigen Sound-Zutaten, mit denen er auch auf seinem nunmehr 5. Nach-Square-Egg-Album aufwarten kann. Ungeschliffen und voll an Überraschungs-Momenten, die schon daher an jeder Takt-Kreuzung auftauchen können, weil sich der Artist hauptsächlich nach seinen eigenen Regeln spielt. „Maybe Now“ sollte man die Gelegenheit ergreifen, dem Lee die gebührende Aufmerksamkeit zu schenken.” - sonic soul reviews

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