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Who is Lee?

Lee hails from Clewiston, Florida, spending most of his youth in Fort Lauderdale and his formative years in Miami. In 1999 Lee co-founded the Jazz-Funk band The Square Egg while living in Miami and later moved the band along with him to New York City in 2002. Flaunting a sophisticated hybridized style featuring hints of funk, Hip-Hop, and poetry, The Square Egg managed to amass a wealth of accomplishments increasingly rare for independent artists. In addition to being prominently featured on BET J (now Centric), their music was also featured on such ABC prime time television shows as The Drew Carey Show and Dharma & Greg. Yet after fronting the group for nearly a decade over the course of four albums, Lee began to feel the need to explore the full range of his self-expression.

The multifaceted, baritone-voiced vocalist, the man behind the 13-piece Hip-Hop, Funk, Jazz, Soul outfit The Square Egg, has chipped pieces from his shell to invite you to experience perhaps his most personal and artistic efforts. Lee finds himself exploring the many dimensions of artistry, blurring the genre lines of Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Spoken Word, Rock and Roll and R&B. A tall task, but one you will find refreshing and entertaining. Seemingly lofty hyperbole, but something that once you’ve experienced you’ll surely agree.

2 + 2 = 5 is Lee’s fourth solo effort following on the heals of 16 Reasons To Buy This Album, Naked, and Meet Lee. Each effort today has proven to be a perfect capsule to showcase his growth as an artist, musician and storyteller.

During a time when so many artists try to create an image in order to cater to one audience and basking in one-dimensionality, Lee reminds us all that there’s plenty to be gained by exploring boundaries and pushing limits. An exemplary artist in his own right, Lee finds comfort in a variety of styles, from Rock, Blues, and Hip-Hop to Funk and Jazz. And with each new endeavor, there will undoubtedly be more room for him to unapologetically stretch out in his plentiful palate of musical expression. Suffice it to say that this square egg refuses to be put into a round hole.


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